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I am a voice for more sustainable models of energy infrastructure, efficiency, and resiliency finance.  My current research is the deepest look to date at an idea that might soon change the face of global shipping—substituting carbon-free fuels like ammonia for the polluting ones used today. For many years I have worked on sustainable energy infrastructure, building efficiency, and software-mediated energy management, while developing specialized expertise in climate finance mechanisms like performance contracting and green bonds.

I led capacity-building efforts in the mayor's law, budgeting, treasury, and contracting departments of more than 20 of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. I co-founded 16-time EPA Energy Star Partner-of-the-Year Award winner, Servidyne. I served ASHRAE on the Technical Subcommittee on High Performance Building Metrics and as director of both Building Efficiency and Ports in the Clinton Climate Initiative of the William J. Clinton Foundation. I am an educator—peer-reviewed researcher, professor of management, and thesis advisor. 

“... people who work in infrastructure development often bemoan a ‘funding gap.’ But as Bertrand Badre, CFO of the World Bank, points out, there is plenty of capital in the world. There is not a funding gap; there is a project gap. Infrastructure projects are not up to investment standards.”

- Harvard Business School 2014

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Harvard Business School MBA

Vanderbilt University BA Political Science



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